Monday, September 17, 2012

My Finished FLIQS Quiltie

Here it is, finally finished and ready to be mailed as soon as I gather some extras for my partner. I enjoyed a lot making it and, although I've already made other quilts with this technique, I had never used a sewing machine, I always hand sittched the windows and that took ages !!! I'd highly recommend using the sewing machine, it was so much funn !!! And I still have my fingers on !!! LOL That is the best !!!

I LOVE how it turned out and would LOVE to keep it, but I'll honor my word 
and will send it to its new owner.

Maybe I'll make one for me as my wall will miss it !!!
Have a great day !!


Stoff und Nadel ..... Jutta's Blog said...

Oh, this is the first comment:
Sandy, congratulations !!! A wonderful, wonderful quilt, I hope, you will make one for you soon.

Soma Acharya said...

It's beautiful, Sandy!

Susana said...

Finalmente encontré su blog la sigo por Filk, increíble su trabajo. Cariños. Algún botón para seguirla por correo electrónico?

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Oh yes this mini is all mine and I LOVE it. I am so pleased to have your artwork up on my wall. Huge thank you again for making it for me. Hugs, Sharon

Nancy said...

This is so well done. I am going to follow your blog, I like your projects and designs.

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