Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bitty Side Swap with Sil

I must confess I'm obssessed with bitties (3.5" quilt blocks, unfinished) and I've been swapping them since the Flickr Group was created back in June 2010, I think. Sometimes I love a bitty and I'm not part of the group so we also arrange side swaps for those special bitties we love and wouldn't get otherwise. This time I'm side swapping Tree bitties with Sil, and these are the trees I made for her. Hope she likes them !

A Summer Tree.

A Cherry Blossom Tree.

A Rainbow Tree.

And a Winter Tree.

Here they are together !

Have a great day!


Soma Acharya said...

I love the new look... and the trees...they look awesome!

Sandy in Buenos Aires said...

Thank you, Soma !! I'm counting the days until Halloween, I just LOVE Halloween !!!

il mondo di Iris said...

WOW!!! Wonderful work.

Sandy in Buenos Aires said...

Thank you so much, Angela !!!

Stoff und Nadel ..... Jutta's Blog said...

So cute, Sandy, I love your trees !!! My favorite tree is the Rainbow !!! Did you sew with your machine or handsewing? Hugs from Berlin, Jutta

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