Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DQS8 quiltie and embroidery progress...

I know I promised to share this with you yesterday, but I was all day in bed because of a food poisoning,
 I guess...that was terrible !!

So here I am, back with some pics to show you !!

First is my progress on the DQS8. All cut is done, actually I finished cutting the dresdens on Sunday, but couldn't touch my sewing machine since then !!!

I hope you all like it as I guess my partner does not !!! I'm thinking of starting over right now with a different idea and sketch. Well, we'll see...But at least I'll make mine, I do like it and can't wait to get it done !!!
So sorry for the white background, I didn't want to iron...yeah, I know...I'm lazy, but to my defense...I hate ironing !!!! That's the worst part of quilting !!!
By the way, which is the part you hate the most about quilting??? I'd love to know !! Just for fun !!!

Second is my progress on my 'Madonna Sixtina' embroidery. As you can see, not much going on here. I hope I'll have much more to show you in two weeks !!!

Have a great day everyone !!!


Tarnyia said...

Sandy I love the colours they are so vibrant :)

Béa said...

It's very beautiful, for the colours and I hate wasting in quilting, I keep all the tiniest scraps of fabrics, so expensive here in France !!!

Donna said...

I love it too . how do you know your partner doesn't like it? I think it's just beautiful!!! I bought a dresden pattern recently to make just that sort of thing for the wall of my sewing room!

- Donna

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