Friday, January 15, 2010

Angel to the rescue...

Last year I took part in lots of swaps (I promise it won't be like that this year, will definitely slow down on that!) and two of my partners were MIA !!! I never received my Good Ol' Summer Time Mini Quilt and my Friendship bag and that was really SAD and DISSAPOINTING !!!

But a kind lady I met through this marvellous world of blogs came to my rescue and offered herself to be an Angel for the Summer Mini Quilt and the Friendship Bag swaps. That kind and generous Angel is Béa from Une Aiguille Dans Une Botte de Foin, and her gorgeous gifties arrived to lift my faith in humanity!

Look at what I got!!! A wonderful Summer quilt that will look gorgeous as a tablerunner also !!! It has SUMMER written all over it !!! Yummy cherries and my favorite colors !!!!
She really knows my tastes !! LOL

And this cute matching Friendship Bag, just stunning !! Will use it for my embroidery threads !!!

And she included a sweet card also! I love all of the gifties !!

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH, BÉA !!!! I'll never forget this, my friend !!!

Have a great day everyone !


maria elena said...

precioso el miniquilt ... besos pudieras amiga colocar traductor .. perdón por la insistencia ..!!!

Tarnyia said...

How wonderful of Bea to do that for you... I have know Bea for a few years now and she is a very kind hearted lady... and your gifts are just gorgeous..

Angela said...

Bea is such a sweet friend! Lucky you! She sent you beautiful gifts!

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