Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Advent Gifties...the final countdown...

So here they are, the last Advent gifties that I opened!

December 17, giftie # 9

Pretty red ribbon!

December 18, giftie # 8

Gorgeous Christmas lace!

December 19, giftie # 7

Two beautiful Christmas cushion panels!!
I already have the perfect spot for them next year !!

December 20, giftie # 6

Gorgeous cotton trim, I'll save it for a special project!

December 21, giftie # 5

Yummy Italian chocolate, what you see is the package, the chocolate is gone !!

December 22, giftie # 4

Teeny tiny Christmas buttons, the cutest I've ever seen !

December 23, giftie # 3

Gorgeous felt hearts and stars, great for next year's projects!

December 24, giftie # 2

Yummy Italian chocolate !!! Believe it or not...the chocolate is still there!!!
 I'm saving them for New Year's Eve !! LOL

I was so spoiled by Angela!!
Thank you so much, I love all the gifties you sent me!!

I'm showing giftie # 1 in my next post !
Have a great day everyone !!

1 comment:

Angela said...

More lovely gifts! (I had missed this post!) I love the white ribbon, especially! What a treat!

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