Friday, December 18, 2009

Advent Gifties...

A week of Advent Gifties...

Time flies when you get to open a giftie a day !!!
 I wish it was December 1st again !!! LOL

December 9, giftie # 17

Gorgeous heart shaped charms!

December 10, giftie # 16

Teeny tiny turquoise and red bells, they are so cute,
 great to embelish some of my appliquéd pieces !

December 11, giftie # 15

Two great angel wings for my angel dolls,
I really love them and will treasure them for a special project
as we don't have this kind of wings here!

December 12, giftie # 14

Two hats for my dolls, super!

December 13, giftie # 13

Gorgoues pink thread for my quilts!

December 14, giftie # 12

Green and red painted clothpins with felt stars, great to hold Christmas cards!

December 15, giftie # 11

Two great pink FQs and a bouquet of tiny roses, I love them !!

December 16, giftie # 10

A teeny tiny Nativity, so special!! It's already with my other
three teeny tiny Nativities!

Thank you so much Angela, I love all of your gifties !!!

Have a great day everyone !!

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