Sunday, September 6, 2009

You've got mail !

  Look what I've received in the mail lately ! I'm a super dooper happy girl !!!
 Ohh, well, not a girl, but I like to think I'm still one at the bottom of my heart.

Last week  a postcard arrived, and it was from my Secret Angel at the Stitcher's Angel Swap, and I love it ! The stamp says Deutschland (Germany) but I could be wrong if I think she's from Germany, maybe she made a relative send the postcard from Germany so she won't reveal her location!
Who knows...She's so kind, I just replied her mail because this was a hectic work week and I'm taking this Sunday for myself, to do what I love the best...SEW !!! And blogging !!! LOL

Thank you, my Secret Angel for sending me this thoughtful detail, I appreciate it !

Then on Friday my eyes popped when I saw the fabric I've been waiting for soooo long time, it finally made it here !!! Yummy Two Young Street by Prints Charming fabrics. I wanted them soooo badly since I saw them and as it's a collection from 2007 it was really hard to find, but I succeeded !!! YES !!!
 Look at these beauties !!!

I LOVE them !!! The colors, the flowers, YUMMY !!!
Have a nice day everyone !

1 comment:

Catherine Watts said...

Lucky girl getting those Prince charming fabrics. Aren't they yummy. I managed to find 3 or 4 fat quarters last year and I'm still not ready to cut them up yet. Look forward to seeing what you do with yours.

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