Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tutorial: Fabric Origami Flower...

Hi everyone!
This is my first tutorial ever, so I hope to be clear enough and make it easy for you so there'll be lots of fabric origami flowers growing on your sewing gardens!!!

Many of you have said to me that you liked these little flowers and a lot have asked about how do I make them, so here's my humble way to say Thank You for all of your comments and interest!! If you have any doubt don't hesitate to send me an e-mail, I'll be happy to clear all doubts!.

Materials you'll need (forgot to take a picture, sorry!):

- Fabric, a piece larger enough to cut 10 to 12 squares,
-Matching thread and needle.
 Be sure to have your needle threaded before starting, with a tiny knot at the end.
-Beads or buttons covered with the same or different fabric to use as embelishment for the center of the flower.

Begin cutting your squares. The bigger the flower size, the more squares you'll need. I used  3.5" and 1" squares for the ones pictured above. For the big one I needed 12  3.5"squares and for the smaller one I used 10 1" squares. It also depends in the fabric, if it's a heavier one you'll probably need less squares.

Begin placing your first square with the right side of the fabric facing down, and fold diagonally. Finger press.
You'll end up having a triangle.
 A little tip that I learned making tons of them. If you want a certain print to appear in the middle of your petal, be sure to place it facing towards you when you fisrt fold it, as the little rosebud you see above.

Take the upper corner of the triangle and meet the lower point with it.

Do the same with the other upper corner so both meet at the bottom point. Now you have two little triangles, to the right and left .Finger press firmly.

Pressing firmly take your folded square and turn it over so that the folded seams face down.

Remember your little triangles? Bring the right corner and fold it towards the center of the square.

Do the same with the left corner so both meet at the center of the square. Always finger press. Warning!! They'll try to escape and unfold, don't let them!!!

Now you have to fold the straight edges together, one on top of the other...

You'll end up with a shape like the one in the right. Finger press the folded edges and the middle, and don't let go !!!

Remember the threaded needle?? It's time to use it and it's a good thing you had it prepared because if not your petal will completelly unfold and you'll have to start over!
Just make two or three stitches to hold the folded seams in place and cut the thread.

You'll be looking at this shape now. The left one is the back and the right one is the right side of your petal. Remember the tip I gave you at the beginning? Any print you left facing you in the first step/fold will now be visible in the center of the petal.

Now it's time for the scissors! Cutt off the unnecessary fabric at the bottom of your petal. This way it'll be easier to gather them up once you're finished with all of them..

Congratulations!!! You made your first petal, now you have to make the others!!!

When you have all of them it's time to gather them up. Make sure you tied a knot in a double thread and begin to string them, one next to the other until you have all of them strung together. Then pass the needle back through the first three petals to secure them and form the circle. Pull, but not too tight as the petals will move and the flower will lose its shape.

This is the flower you'll end up having...

It will look like this at the back.

Just sew the finishing touches to embelish the center of the flower, or glue them if you don't want to sew.
You could also sew or glue a little circle of felt at the back of the flower and sew or glue a little brooch to it to make a flower brooch . You could also glue them to hair clips for girls or use as decoration for a bag or quiltie...Possibilities are endless!!! Enjoy !!!

Have a nice day everyone!!!


DoreyR said...

This is fantastic Sandy! A very well made tutorial. I was thinking yesterday that I needed something to embellish a Friendship Bag for the swap and here you are with the perfect solution. Thank you!

Catherine said...

Thanks for the great tutorial Sandy. I'm definitly going to make one of those.

annemarie said...

Sandy - What a great tutorial. You did a wonderful job and I am so excited. Thank you - thank you - thank you!! You know I have been admiring your flowers for a long time.

Sabine said...

Hello Sandy,
I love your flowers!!!
Thanks a lot for the tutorial - I´ll try...
Greetings from Germany

Stina said...

Ohh... its lovely... thanks.. have to try it someday!! :o)

il mondo di iris said...

Ciao Sandy,
I'm Angela from italia.
I'm your partner for the 2009 Advent Swap, please contact me.
I send you 3 e-mail, but don't receive anything answers.
see you later

Emily said...

Thank you for sharing your skills. This is a marvelous tutorial. I have always wanted to know how to make these!

Tozz said...

Thank you for this fabulous tutorial and I am going to try these as they look fabulous!! Thanks :) Hugs Vicki

Hannele said...

I tried your origami tutorial today, it was fun and easy, thanks for the instructions =)

Hannele said...

Ups, I made an error when typing my blog address, with this comment you'll get the correct link :D

Mascottblog said...

Excellent tutorial ! Thank you so much !!!

Lis said...

Great tutorial. I've just started making these great kanzashi and was going to blog a tutorial...I've added a link to yours instead, good stuff! Happy New Year.

silmalia said...

Ciao! It's lovely!
Thank you for the tutorial,really well done.
I've just done one for my daughter's head!
hallo from italy

becky said...

I love this tutorial I've only recently begun to make flowers and this is a keeper Thank-you SO much.Becky

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