Monday, September 14, 2009

Scrappy Christmas blocks...

Back in July, when I still had Internet access, I signed up for  a Scrappy Christmas Block Swap.
We could choose to have 3 or 6 partners and had to make 2 scrappy blocks for each of them following this tutorial.
These are the ones I sent to my partners in USA, a set of two to each of my three partners.

I have to admitt I sent them after the deadline because I had problems with the size of the blocks (btw, I was not the only one, lots of people had that same problem!).
 So when I was about to send the packages I realized the blocks were 1/2" short, so I had to make all of the 6 blocks again and then had problems with the last 2 strips!!!! Nightmare!!! 

Finally I won and sent them last week, a few days later but with the right size!!!
Have a nice day everyone!

1 comment:

annemarie said...

Well worth the effort - these are beautiful.

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