Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DQS7 received...

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Look what I got all the way from France !!! My DQS7 quiltie !!! YES !!!
Béa was my partner for the DQS7 and she sent me the cutest embroidered quiltie !!! I'm soooo happy !!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it !!!
-Click on the image to enlarge-

She embroidered a design from Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches with cute little birdies, flowers and friends. She chose the colors I like and made a cute checkered border and a grid quilting that is so neat !!
 My hat's off to you !!

I have to apologize to her because I couldn't get decent photos as today it was cloudy again,
so I 'borrowed' hers from her blog. Can you believe it, not only does she make wonderful quilts, but she takes gorgeous photos too !
Well the stitching closeup is one of my yellowish ones. Sorry !

I'm so happy that she was my partner and I thank our swap mama/papa for matching us !
BIG THANK YOU Béa, I'll treasure it and it already has a place in my house where everyone can admire it! And don't forget to visit her blog, it's wonderful, you won't regret it !
About the quilt I'm making for my swap partner, well, top is done and I'm in the process of quilting. I have to hurry !!! Photos coming soon !!! When I get a decent sunny day !!

Have a nice day everyone !


Béa said...

Many thanks, Sandy and big kiss from France.

Billie said...

Lucky you at recieving such a cute little quilt. I found your blog through flickr applique group. You have a nice blog.

Angela said...

Beatrice does such beautiful work! You are a lucky gal!

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