Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What I've been up to...

Hi everybody!

There has been a lot of sewing going on lately but, as it's all for different swaps, I can't show the end results yet. But I do have some sneak peeks for you!


These are the first cut pieces for the Mini Quilt I'm making for my partner of 'In the Good Ol' Summertime Mini Quilt Swap' organized by the Quilting Gallery. I'm really having fun with it, and let me tell you, it'll yell Summer!


I LOVE this one, as it's done with Amy Buttler and Heather Bailey's fabrics that I personally love, and so does my partner for the July Summer Lovin' STUD swap on Flickr. She's from Germany and we have almost the same tastes!! So, it wasn't difficult just to grab gorgeous fabrics and begin sewing. It's pieced, needle turn appliquéd, and machine quilted. I only have the binding and label to finish, gather some gorgeous extras and send it over to Germany, to be pampered by daveandsusi! I hope she likes it!

Kiss, kiss, hug, hug to you all!

Have a nice day everyone!

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ScrappyStuff said...

Hi lady,
hopping that you receive your mini SPRING quilt soon ... i wanted to track it today, but realized my husband has misplaced the tracking info... so, i will see the eta when i locate the form! ... poor thing is probably hanging out in customs!
~ let me know when you receive it~ !!!
(sh. your secret sister)

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