Friday, July 10, 2009

Pincushion Swap Received...

Hi you all!
It's been a long time since I last posted!

I'm HAPPY!!! Yesterday, when I arrived home, I was handled a package from Heidi, and I quickly read the label outside the box and it said...Pincushion!! I ran to my house and opened it, and was thrilled!!! Heidi has REALLY SPOILED ME !!!

Look what she sent me!!! First of all a really cute card with lovely words in it! Thank you, Heidi! It's the cutest card ever, it glitters!

Look at the wrapping, sweet bags with ribbons in red and green, two of my favourite colors!!!

It's so yummy that I almost ate the whole package! LOL

LOOK AT THE LOOT! Gorgeous!!!

First of all, the piece the ressitance, the pincushion!!! She was extremelly generous to include not one, not two, not three...but FIVE PINCUSHIONS!!! Three big and two small with the cutest strawberry shape!!! Heidi, you didn't know this, but I LOVE strawberries and already have two strawberry pincushions and am making the third, I just LOVE them !!! I love pincushions and have a little collection, and with this wonderful addition I'm thinking of where to display them!!! They are too special not to show them off! Of course, I'll use one of them, I just have to decide... I can't just pick one, I love them all!!

She added wonderful sewing notions!! Look!!!Gorgeous laces, ribbons and trims!!! I just love them all, especially the leaves, the inches and the 'Friends Forever' logo!!!

And then the icing of the cake!!! Metallic thread in red and pink (love them), a gorgeous DMC green embroidery thread and spools!

Heidi, I just can't thank you enough for the wonderful package you put together for me, I LOVE all the goodies, it's so me, I think you have a magic ball and read minds!! LOL


I wish your partner spoiled you as you did with me!!!

Thank you Sandra for organizing this wonderful swap! I look forward for the next one!!!

Have a nice day everyone!


Béa said...

Very lucky and spoiled Sandy !!! Perhaps I will receive day !

Catherine said...

Lucky you Sandy. The are beautiful strawberry pin cushions.

karenfae said...

so many nice things, the cushions are really neat. What a nice friend you have!

Heidi Ann said...

Sandy, I am just thrilled that you loved all I sent!!!! I had so much fun putting it all together for you! We must have very similar taste because I too adore those little strawberry pincushions!!! Am thinking about making up lots of them & displaying them on my Christmas tree this year!!! :)...You have a beautiful blog & will add you to my favorites this afternoon!....Thank you again for being such a lovely partner!....Your friend, Heidi XO

Mel said...

Oh my goodness, that is the best package I've seen! Tons of wonderful treats!!

Good for you!

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