Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Annie arrived home...

Welcome to my blog, I can't believe I've finally opened one. And let me tell you I have the best way to enter in blogland, by showing to you the wonderful package that arrived today from Australia.

Last month I entered an Annie Swap at Aunt Pitty Pats blog and my partner was Khris from Sew Prim Khris.

My Annie arrived today together with some yummy chocolate and a beautiful needlecase.

Khris, you made it, I love the Annie you sew for me, it's just perfect. A big thank you to you!!
She already owns the cushion at the picture, and she told me she won't move to any other place!
She really has a character!

And the needlecase, well, you didn't know this, but I love needlecases and pincushions and this one is AMAZING, the fabrics you picked are gorgeous and so is the button.
You realized I didn't mention the chocolate... it's gone! LOL

Thanks again Khristina, I hope you like the doll I made for you!
I'll show you all the Annie I made when it arrives to its home in Australia.
And a big thank you to Marcel for organizing this swap! I really enjoyed it!


Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

This Annie is too darn cute for words... she is so adorable.. Thanks for playing in my swap :)Don't forget to post her on our Flickr Group :)Ps love the blog looking good!!!!

Karen Mallory said...

Khris is a great partner!! Both the Annies you and Khris made are so cute. It is fun doing blogs. The needle case is Khris' pattern. She made me one two!
hugs Karen

Oddbjørg said...

Welcome to "the blogging world"!
What a great gift you have received. Annie is really cute!
Have a nice weekend!
Oddbjørg in Norway

Dzintra Ingrid said...

Hello and welcome to Blogland...I hope you have lots of fun here as I have had!!! Annie is cute...Lucky You ♥x

creativedawn said...

Ooooo you lucky lady....Khris is awesome and her Annie is awesome cute! I hope you have lots of fun blogging! ... love it here already and will visit you often!

Angela said...

Your Annie is so cute - she looks right at home! :o) Welcome to blogging!

Sandy in Buenos Aires said...

Thank you all for your lovelly comments! I'm really happy I had Khris as a partner and I'm already enjoying blogland !!
Thanks again, I'll visit you all soon and leave a comment on your blogs! This is fun!

jindiscottage said...

Welcome to Blogland - I'm new to this world too. I've Khris as my Annie partner in Aunt Pitty Pat's current swap and by the look of your Annie I'm one lucky girl!

Mistea said...

That is one cute Annie - lucky you! I see she has made herself comfortable. Enjoy

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